There is only one ingredient that we are missing in our Fine Cocktails: ice! And Fine Cocktails are best served over ice. Lots of ice. A professional mixologist would claim that ice is as important as all other ingredients in a cocktail. If possible, use larger cubes that melt slowly in order not to dilute your Fine Cocktail while drinking it. Enjoy!

Natural flavors

Enhance the natural flavors of the cocktails with adding lots of fresh ingredients to your cocktail. Add fresh mint, fresh ginger, fresh raspberries or mango. All to expand the natural aromas of the cocktails and add your personal twist to it. Enjoy!

The picnic

Fine Cocktails is perfectly enjoyed outdoors and why not on a blanket, with your picnic basket and your Sunday brunch. There is a flavor for everyone, they are easy to bring, easy to share and simply delicious.

Your dinner party

Fine Cocktails is the perfect pre-dinner cocktail for your dinner party with friends. Let your guests try different flavors, compare and share. It is a perfect conversation starter if needed and the perfect balance between laid back and sophisticated and delicious cocktail.

Cocktail with a straw

An easy to fun tip is to drink Fine Cocktails directly with a straw in the bottle.

Top it up with bubbles

Fine Cocktails gets even more yummy when adding a sparkling wine to top it up. Maybe for your more festive occasions, or just because. Enjoy!